Expertly applied hair extensions


Source of Hair

There are many types and grades of human hair used in the hair extension industry. At The Hair Extension Boutique we choose to offer only the finest quality Russian and European double drawn natural human hair extensions. This hair is not cheap but as with most things, you do get what you pay for. Due to it’s superior quality, our hair can be reused for multiple reapplications without deteriorating in condition. This significantly lowers the cost for subsequent applications since you will not need to pay for a completely new set of hair extensions each time.

You may choose from our European, Coloured Russian or Virgin Russian human hair, all available in lengths from 10” – 22”.

Our suppliers only select the finest quality healthy hair, and will reject any hair that is in poor condition. All our hair is ethically sourced by hair collectors, who travel around Europe and Russia buying hair from donors. The hair is collected by drawing it into a band and then cutting the ponytail. Hair collected in this way is referred to as being ‘cuticle correct’ or ‘cuticle aligned. This means that the cuticle remains intact and each strand of hair is aligned the same way from root to tip. The ‘raw’ ponytails then undergo a long procedure often referred to as ‘working’ the hair, which is done by hand and includes washing, conditioning, drying, dying and double drawing (see below). Besides colouring, our hair remains otherwise unprocessed.

Single & Double Drawn Hair

All our hair is double drawn. This means each bundle of hair contains only hairs of the same length, and all the shorter hairs have been removed. For example, a bundle of 16 inch double drawn hair would contain only hairs which are 16 inches in length. This means that once the hair extensions have been applied they will be thick and full right the way to the tips. Single drawn hair on the other hand only has the very shortest hairs removed, but still contains hairs of different lengths in each bundle. So a bundle of 16 inch single drawn hair would contain hairs of 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” etc., and looks tapered towards the tips. Once applied single drawn hair extensions tends to appear thinner and straggly towards the ends of the hair.

The image here illustrates the difference between hair that has been single drawn (left), and hair that has been double drawn (right).

European Hair

Our European hair is the finest on the market. It is beautifully glossy, extremely soft, fine in texture, and is naturally wavy. Besides colouring the hair to produce a wider range of colours, it is left unprocessed and remains in its natural, healthy condition. The European hair comes from countries such as Spain and Italy.

Coloured Russian Hair

This exceptionally high quality hair comes from Eastern Europe. It is naturally straight, beautifully silky, very strong and extremely durable. Naturally this hair is often very dark but is specially dyed to produce a wide range of colours. It is similar in texture to Virgin Russian hair, but our Virgin hair is not dyed.

Virgin Russian Hair

Virgin Russian hair is the most exclusive hair available. Diet, genetics and climatic factors all contribute to this hair being well known as the most beautiful hair in the world. It is incredibly soft, shiny and very silky. The hair is collected from the Cold Siberian regions and Northern territories of Russia and remains in its raw, purist state – it has never been coloured or chemically treated in any way. All the colours are natural and the texture is usually straight or slightly wavy. This hair is rare but very sought after. Very few hair extension artists use it because genuine Virgin Russian hair is extremely difficult to source.