Expertly applied hair extensions


Hair Safety

The purpose of hair extensions is to enhance the appearance of your hair, and not to damage it in the process. This is one of the main reasons we only offer one technique to applying our hair extensions, as we believe it is the safest for your hair. At The Hair Extension Boutique we take hair safety very seriously, and we take every aspect of hair safety into account during each step of the hair extension process. Below we have listed the 4 steps of the hair extension process: Consultation, Application, Maintenance, and Removal; and discuss all the protocols of hair safety that we adhere to during each step.

 Step 1: Consultation

A free consultation is always carried out initially with every client prior to the hair extensions application, so that we can examine your hair, discuss your requirements and advice on the most suitable option. During the consultation we offer free test hair extensions whereby a few extensions will be attached to your hair, intended to give an idea of how they feel, and also to help us to test the suitability of your hair for our hair extensions. Whilst rare, some people have ‘unstable hair’, which appears perfectly normal but in actual fact has the inability to hold even the smallest amount weight, and therefore would be unsuitable for all types of hair extensions.

Having fine hair does not mean that it is unstable. Our micro bond hair extensions can be successfully applied to fine hair without causing any damage. In fact many of our clients have fine hair and the reason they have extensions is often to add thickness and volume.

For hair that is severely damaged, weak or broken, we may advise that hair extensions would not be a suitable option, and instead recommend having regular trims and a course of reconstructing treatments until the condition of the hair improves.

Step 2: Application

There are several methods to applying hair extensions, but we choose only one technique because we are confident that our application offers the safest type of hair extensions. Our strand-by-strand Micro Bond hair extensions create a free-flowing hairstyle, exactly like your natural hair, and therefore enables your scalp to ‘breath’. Your scalp is not suffocated with heavy weaves or tape. Our bonds are attached 1cm from the scalp, so that they lie completely flat to the head, allowing your natural hair to continue growing without any disruption.

If hair extensions are applied too close to the scalp, they feel very uncomfortable and as they grow down along with your natural hair, loops will form between the scalp and the bond, causing an uneven weight distribution on the hair.

Because each individual extension is very fine, each one is almost weightless, ensuring that the natural hair is not overloaded with too much weight. Our professional hair extensions are designed to be equally balanced with your natural hair, and are applied on a weight for weight ratio. This prevents weakening and causing tension on your hair and scalp. We apply our hair extensions to small, precise sections of the hair, allowing the extensions to be distributed evenly over the head, and limits the possibility of causing any tension.

Our hair extensions are extremely comfortable, they do not feel heavy, and you should barely be able to sense they are in your hair. The bonds are non-toxic, non-damaging and specifically designed for the safe application of professional hair extensions.

Step 3: Maintenance

We fully advise on the maintenance and home care of the hair extensions, and you will be given a set of guidelines outlining the home care procedures. You can download a copy of this from our Home Care page.

We provide a home care pack and offer all new clients a free check-up appointment after 2 weeks of the initial application, so that the hair extensions can be examined and to ensure that the home care guidelines are being followed correctly.

We strongly advise that the extensions should not be worn for longer than a maximum of 12 weeks. After this period, they will need to be completely removed and reapplied.

Step 4: Removal

Some hair extension bonding adhesives are so strong that they are extremely difficult to remove without causing stress or damage to the natural hair. Our bonding resin is very durable yet gentle on the hair and easily removed. Removing our hair extensions is a very simple procedure and causes no damage to the hair.

Both applying and removing professional hair extensions should never cause any pain or discomfort, nor cause any damage to your natural hair. As part of our removal service, we always trim the natural hair before reapplying the extensions. This is to help improve the condition of the hair and to prevent split ends.