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Friend Referral Discounts

Receive discounts off your hair extensions by recommending The Hair Extension Boutique to your friends and family. If your friend goes ahead with the hair extensions procedure you will be rewarded a discount on your next refit. The amount of discount depends upon the coverage of extensions you both have.

Discount Guide

Your Discount
Friend’s Hair Extensions Full & 3/4 Head Half Head Partial Head
Full & 3/4 Head £50 £25 £15
Half Head £25 £20 £15
Partial Head £15 £10 £10

For example; if you refer a friend who chooses to have a full head of hair extensions, and you have a full head of hair extensions, you will receive £50 off your next refit.

Terms & Conditions

  • You may receive up to three friend referral discounts for each of your hair extension fittings (i.e. saving up to £150).
  • Additional referral discounts will be rolled over to your subsequent refit appointment.
  • Your friend must mention your name at their consultation appointment, in order for you to be rewarded the discount.
  • Referral discounts can only be used on fitting or refitting appointments, and cannot be discounted off any other service (e.g. the discount cannot be used for removals, or maintenance appointments).
  • This offer is only valid once your friend has fully paid and undergone the hair extensions service. It is not granted for a consultation referral.